Check out the MDREliminator it will replace your EL HX HS HE EL US-1 Electone and the FVX-1 Expander Music Disk Recorder  (MDR ) and bring your Electone or Expander back to life with many advanced Midi features. 

  Keep your Regos and songs safe from those old Floppy Disks and store them with names of your liking on your  Windows  Computer. 

The MDR Blitzer has been added to allows multiple songs to be loaded and then played back. This gives you hours of music to listen to while you are doing less important things - e.g. having dinner. (Blitzer is like a free Wurlitzer).

  What Do I Need?

   An Electone or Expander with Midi In and Midi Out capability,

  A Windows PC or Lap Top and a USB to Midi cable (MidiSport UNO 1x1 recommended).

  MDREliminator primarily was designed for the HX-1 but is now being used on all other Electones.

                        It will also convert your old MDR Floppy files to useable

                                       R00's  B00's and/or EVT Midi Files

         What are R00's B00's and EVT's

      R00's and B00's are commonly referred to as 'Regos'.                                                                                                                                                                  They are transmitted as a large Exclusive file and preload the sounds into the Electone. 

    EVT's are stored music or score data which generally follow the Regos download.

      R00's B00's and EVT files are Yamaha proprietary files and need to be 'decoded' to the                                                                                           Midi standard before being transmitted via Midi.  



                                                                              To DOWNLOAD click

                                                "" Below.
Size : 4096.72 Kb
Type : zip


                                                           Last Update: Build 05.02.24

                                                 Percussion cross patching activated - missing in previous build. 

                                                                               MidEvt Update

                                                                           05.12.23 Typos & Error Fixes

                                    New Look Form & Out of Memory fixed   

                                           Last Midi In/Out remembered. 

                                                     EL40 Update 

                 (Send Me Your MDR10 Rego FDD files and I will convert them for you).

 Mono to Poly Voice Converter Added 

Place Single User Voice

Output User Voice Packs

Update Voices 'Send To' Exclusive.

Prevent voice pack displays scrolling

Reset and Model Change Update  

Update User Voices

                              Secure Shutdown to prevent Muliple Programs from running.


                                              Timming/Active bytes Displayed

                                                                                                      EL-15 Added      

                                                         HX Voice Packs added

                                                                                                                                                 EL 87 Added

                                                  HX-1 and HX-3 USER Voices Names Added

                                                   HX-1 and HX-3 USER Voices Added

                                               Blitzer Back Online - now supports EL series

                                                           EL Rego Tx and Rx Fixes

Update to handle EL FDD and USB files

FIXES Errors in Playback Sliders 

                                                 FIXES Errors in Percussion Map Loads




  1. Download the file from the link above.
  2. Unzip the files to an MDREliminator directory on your windows PC                                                    (preferably not on your C drive). 
  3. Run the MDREliminator.exe program.
  4. The MDREliminator.doc contains the 'how to use' information.
  5. Check out the HX1 Scores and Regos Page  

    The program has been updated to accept the FVX-1 Voice Expander

and a "Blitzer" continuous player.



 My goal was to develop a program to replace the MDR and keep the music on the ageing MDRs (FFD's) safe. This "exploded" into a plethora of enhancements and functions - including modifying Midi (.mid) files to play on the Electone.

Hopefully you'll find it entertaining useful and just plain fun.

NB. HX-1 or any Electone scores (*evt) will play on any other electone model but you will need to make your own sounds.

Terminology: 'Sounds' are voices stored in the registrations (Regos) of the Electone and saved as *.R00 or *.B00 files.

Music (Scores) are MIDI files saved as *.evt files

The MDREliminator remains my proprietary property however you are free to use and enjoy it.

HX-1 FVX-1 Voice Editor

The HX-1 & FVX-1 Poly Voice Editor is now available (click tab "HX-1 FVX-1 Voice Editor" at top of this page.)


"Electone" and "Yamaha" are registered trade marks of Yamaha Corporation.

"MDREliminator" and "HX-1 Voice Editor" are not affiliated with Yamaha Corporation in any way.